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City Club applies for Community Impact Grant.

The Community Impact Grant (CIP) deadline was April 30 2024 for all Non-Profits to turn in their grant requests. The CIP is a new three-year grant opportunity designed to provide funding to a nonprofit organization for a project or program that makes a sustained, targeted impact in a priority area of community concern.

Building before Modification

The City Club applied for this three year grant in the hopes of sparking the new Main Street Program recently assigned to the City Club. The Main Street Program will require support and partnerships from other local non-profits, business owners, residents and the City of Forest Grove to be successful. In 2023 the City of Forest Grove demonstrated their support, partnership and desire for change by writing a letter of support to the State Level Main Street administrators for the City Club's Main Street Application which was successful.

Building after contruction

The Main Street program has more than 20 years of a proven track record for providing the necessary expertise and resources required to assist cities in their downtown revitalization efforts. There is confidence this program will give the City Club what it needs to evolve and succeed in the endeavors of a more lively, livable and resilient historic downtown.

With or without the grant the City Club is moving forward with the Main Street Program implementation. The grant however will not only deepen and strengthen the quality of the program but accelerate the implementation and engagement, possibly decreasing the timeline from years to months.

Hearings with the Forest Grove City Council will take place on may 28th at which time the applicants have only a few minutes to plea their case for these funds. This is the opportunity for the City of Forest Grove and the City Council to put their money where their mouth is and show their support by awarding the City Club this grant.

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